Our Spring/Summer 2012 season opens up to a wish of luxury mixed with simplicity and well being.

To make an unique and surprising collection was our biggest goal, launching, once more, trends in the children’s market. We had as inspiration a Romantic Retro spirit, influenced by the 60´s decade, using light fabrics, transparencies and charming lace textures we were able to succeed in our challenge, witch was to create a sophisticated, but comfortable collection.
Our multicolored palette, full of energy, with orange, yellow, pink and blue, gives a tropical feeling to great part of our casual line, witch was enlarged is this collection.
The light Pink and the off-white gives life to the world of the small ballerinas, containing our most classic and delicate pieces.
In this collection dresses dominated once more, however, for this season we bet on short, but also luxurious models, of course. The models with sparkle and lace on the fabric or on applications, are also a guarantee of glamour for the parties.
The dominant fabrics are: cotton, ziberline, taffeta, lace, knit and linen. We bet on patterns that enrich the style of the princesses and added ruffles, tutus, appliqués, belts and necklaces to enhance the luxury of our collection.

And so was born the Spring/Summer 2012 Princess collection By Dalila Toledo, for princesses from all realms.